What Features Do Kids Love Best In A Coding Robot?
What Features Do Kids Love Best In A Coding Robot?


Have you ever wondered why a kid loves to play with a coding robot? It’s all about the features. However, all coding robots aren’t the same. There are certain features that make some robots far more engaging than others. And while parents love the learning aspect, kids are looking for fun with some challenging aspects mixed in.

Learn Without A Screen Or Classroom

It’s undeniable that kids enjoy playing. So, when they can use a coding robot to learn without being in a traditional classroom setting or even glued to a screen, they love it. Some classrooms are even incorporating coding robots to give kids a more hands-on learning experience. It’s fun, effective and different from what kids are used to.

A Coding Robot With Endless Problems To Solve

The last thing a kid wants from a coding robot is a few quick problems to solve and then nothing. That’s boring. Kids want a robot that keeps them engaged and even sparks their creativity.

The best type of coding robot comes complete with puzzles to set up and then allows kids to create their own as well. This offers endless entertainment and learning potential.

The Coding Robot That’s Not Just Another Toy

What Features Do Kids Love Best In A Coding Robot?

A coding robot isn’t just another toy. Kids won’t play with it a few times and then toss it to the side. Unlike many toys, coding robots are far more interactive. Plus, these toys often lead to making new friends as kids work together to solve more complex challenges. There are even coding camps which help kids further explore their interest.

Kids Want To Control Their Coding Robot

Have you ever seen a kid try to take apart their toys to see how they work? That’s because kids love to know how things work so they can better control it. That’s exactly what they get with a coding robot. While they shouldn’t open up the robot itself, they do get to control how it works. This encourages their natural curiosity and keeps them interested.

Matatalab Coding Robot

Matatalab wants to make it easy to find the perfect coding robot that has all the features kids love. That’s why we’ve created Matatalab Lite and the Matatalab Coding Set. These are screen-free, offer suggested challenges, provide the option for endless problems and the Lite kit is ideal for kids as young as three.

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