Using Coding Toys To Improve Problem Solving Skills
Using Coding Toys To Improve Problem Solving Skills


Coding toys are one of the best ways to help improve problem solving skills. After all, a basic definition of coding is taking a step-by-step approach to solve a problem. Toys help simplify coding, but still add in the problem solving element to teach this valuable life skill at an early age.

Coding Toys Are More Than Fun

The moment you hear “toy” as part of coding toys, you might think they’re just that – a toy. However, playing is how kids learn. Coding toys aren’t just something fun. They’re highly educational and teach kids how to use the toy to solve various problems using beginner coding concepts.

Improve Logical Thinking

Coding involves logical thinking. Kids have to think through a process of how to get coding toys to do what they want. Toys often come with challenges for kids to solve. This requires a variety of steps in the right order to complete the challenge. It’s not as simple as pressing a button or saying a command. Instead, kids use logical thinking to solve the problem in logical steps.

Solving Problems With Coding Toys

While it might not seem like a problem on the surface, coding a toy to move past obstacles and get from Point A to Point B using the correct path is a problem. Think of it like a math problem. Coding toys present a problem and kids have to solve it in order to succeed. In order to solve the problem correctly, kids have to learn basic coding concepts and gradually expand upon them. This helps them solve all types of problems in school too.

Teaches Trial And Error

Things don’t always work right the first time. This is just one of the ways coding toys teach problem solving skills. Plus, they teach trial and error. It may take a dozen tries to get a toy through a more complex maze without any hiccups. This teaches kids to keep trying new approaches until they’ve successfully solved the coding problem.

Matatalab Combines Problem Solving And Coding Toys

Matatalab’s line of coding toys combine both fun and problem solving for kids ranging from 3 and up. Matatalab Lite works as a great introduction with multiple coding modes. For kids wanting more advanced challenges, the Matatalab Coding Set offers a variety of problems to solve and allows kids to create their own. The Pro Set expands on the original Coding Set with more challenges and some add-ons.

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