Why A Coding Robot Is Better Than A Coding App
Why A Coding Robot Is Better Than A Coding App


Why A Coding Robot Is Better Than A Coding App

With so many great coding apps, kids have everything they need to get interested in coding, right? Not exactly. A coding robot offers a much better alternative.

Coding robots offer a unique educational experience that doesn’t require a screen. When it comes to younger kids, this is even more beneficial.

What Makes A Coding Robot Different

A coding robot provides a different way to learn to code. Instead of on-screen lessons, quizzes and compiled results, kids get to help “train” their robot to do things using a variety of buttons, symbols, colors and more. While some coding robots rely on screens to handle all the programming, the best ones, which are designed for younger kids, make the experience completely hands-on versus just typing on a screen.

A Coding Robot Offers Hands-On Experience

Despite the popularity of educational coding apps and games, even for toddlers, younger kids have a difficult time learning from a screen. In fact, most kids are just starting to make connections about what they see on screens at age 3.

A coding robot gives them a hands-on experience that’s easier to relate to, especially at that young of an age. Matatalab’s coding robot is designed for kids as young as 3, appealing to the way they learn best – hands-on and interactively.

Kids Learn In Different Ways

Kids and even adults learn in different ways. A coding app won’t work for everyone. However, one method that has been proven to elevate most learning methods is hands-on. This means a coding robot provides a way to improve how kids learn, even more than a coding app can. Whether the robot’s used on its own or with other learning methods, it offers more flexibility.

Younger Kids Need Interactive Learning

Screen time in a coding app is beneficial, but kids, especially younger kids, need interactive learning. It’s how they learn more about the world around them, how to interact with others and how things really work. A coding robot is completely interactive. It encourages creativity, exploration and even socialization. All of this while learning and having fun.

Matatalab Coding Robot Teaches Without A Screen

Matatalab’s coding robot teaches kids from ages 3-9 without the use of a screen. The Coding Set Home Edition uses colorful plastic blocks with various symbols to introduce coding principles. Kids have fun solving various challenges to get their robot to do different things. When they’re finished with those, they can create their own. It’s endless, interactive playtime while learning to code.

You can find this set and more directly at the Matatalab Shop.