Surprising Benefits Of Robots For Kids
Surprising Benefits Of Robots For Kids


Robots for kids are always fun toys. They move, light up and make noise. What’s not to love?

Parents should know that robots are more than toys. They’re valuable educational tools. Even schools are incorporating them to offer a more hands-on approach to learning STEM skills.

Robots For Kids Are Educational

By using the right robots for kids, you’re preparing them for a bright future in STEM fields. Robots help teach engineering, math, coding, science and more. The best part is kids actually enjoy themselves. Teachers use robots to reinforce topics and let kids explore how things work first-hand and beyond a textbook.

Parents can use robots for kids to let kids explore their interests even more at home. Or, use them to get your child interested so they better understand concepts at school.

Robots For Kids Do Far More

While robots for kids are great educational tools, they do more than just teach. In, fact there are several surprising benefits, including:

  • Inspires Kids To Lead – Kids start to discover their strengths, either at planning or at more technical aspects. This builds confidence for them to be leaders.
  • Helps Kids Realize Interests – Robots for kids shows kids a new world and helps them realize STEM interests they never knew they had.
  • Improve Tech Communication Skills – Robots teach kids how to communicate across various tech platforms, building their confidence and skill set.
  • Surprising Benefits Of Robots For Kids
  • Helps Encourage Teamwork – Robots for kids are great solo learning tools, but also bring kids together to work as teams. By working together, they learn they can do much more.
  • Encourages Social Skills – Let kids work together with their robots and they’ll improve their social skills as they share their interests.

Matatalab Robots For Kids

Matatalab wants kids to feel prepared for STEM fields. That’s why we’ve created multiple robots for kids to help them learn in a fun-filled way.

The Matatalab Coding Set looks like a mix between a fun board game and robots. Kids use color-coded blocks with symbols to help the Matatabot navigate through various obstacles. Kids learn coding concepts while having fun. They’re eager to take charge and you might even find siblings working well together.

The Matatalab Pro Set also uses a game-based approach to learning coding while interacting with robots. Kids can even incorporate music and art as they more advanced through fun challenges.

Our sets are designed for kids ages four through nine. Find these sets and fun add-ons at the Matatalab Shop.