Is A Coding Robot Good For Toddlers?
Is A Coding Robot Good For Toddlers?


You might have heard that it’s never too early to get a child interested in coding and STEM topics. This couldn’t be more true. That’s why it’s a good idea to introduce your toddler to coding with a fun coding robot.

While it might seem too advanced at first, the right robot keeps things simple enough for even the youngest learner to understand and enjoy.

Toddlers Are Eager To Learn

Toddlers are constantly taking in new information. They’re curious about everything. What might seem like just play to you is actually your toddler learning various skills. They learn to communicate and move around. They also start learning colors, letters, pictures and more. In fact, it’s recommended that toddlers are inactive for no more than an hour outside of sleeping, so why not try a coding robot to help keep them active?

Start With A Simple Coding Robot

Obviously, a toddler isn’t ready for an advanced coding robot. Instead, start with something simple that’s interactive and incredibly easy to operate. For instance, instead of screens and words, use a robot that has colorful symbols, pictures and/or blocks. Remember, as a parent, you can help them get started until they’re ready to do it on their own.

A Coding Robot Keeps Toddlers Busy

A busy toddler is a happy toddler. As you’ve likely already noticed, toddlers like toys that move, make noise and even light up. Now, imagine how happy they’ll be with a coding robot that moves when they press a button. Or, moves around various obstacles that they put in its path. It might seem overly simple, but these are very early coding concepts and even teach early problem solving.

Inspires Early STEM In Toddlers


Is A Coding Robot Good For Toddlers?

It’s really never too early to get a child interested in STEM. A coding robot does just that. First, it introduces them to hands-on technology. It also teaches early math, such as counting how many blocks the robot needs to move and recognizing patterns. This helps when they start school.

Matatalab Lite For Toddlers

By age three, toddlers are more than ready for a coding robot. The key is picking the right one. Matatalab Lite is designed specifically with toddlers in mind. It’s an adorable robot that features large buttons for toddlers to play with. They can press buttons and learn what symbols mean and do. The sensors also teach them how robots interact with challenges and teach early coding skills.

Additional features let the robot grow with your child, so it’s a toy they’ll continue playing with for years. If they’re ready for something more advanced, check out Matatalab’s other coding toys.