Benefits Of Coding Toys That Can Draw
Benefits Of Coding Toys That Can Draw


Drawing might not be the first thing you think about when it comes to coding toys. However, STEM is often referred to as STEAM, which includes art. Some coding toys let kids do more than just make the toy move. Some let them unleash their artistic side with a drawing function.

Coding Toys And Art Go Well Together

Tech and art work well together. When it comes to coding toys, kids can use the coding skills they’re learning to create unique works of art. Whether a child already draws well or not, it’s a fun new way to draw and color. For kids with more of an interest in technology, this also opens them up to art in a way they hadn’t thought of before.

Coding Toys Encourage Creativity

Art is a proven way to help kids explore their creativity and use their imagination. Coding toys naturally encourage creativity, even if they can’t draw. However, adding a drawing feature gives kids even more reason to play with the toy and help bring their imaginative creations to life on paper with the help of an interactive toy.

Mixing Art And Coding Toys Improves Problem Solving

Mixing art and coding toys improves problem solving in a unique way. If you give a kid a crayon and tell them to draw a line, it’s a pretty straightforward request. However, ask them to use coding toys to do the same thing and it’s a challenge.

Kids then have to figure out how to teach their toy to do the same thing they’d do with their hand. With every line and curve, kids are introduced to new challenges in order to create a picture using the coding skills they’re learning. As kids get more comfortable, give them more challenging things to draw. Or, just let their imaginations run wild and see what they can create.

Matatalab Coding Set

The Matatalab Coding Set helps kids learn to code without a screen. Instead, they use colorful symbols to solve a variety of coding challenges. They can also create their own challenges by using obstacles and more.

To help your child further explore their creativity, the Matatalab Artist Add-On gives the original Coding Set robot the ability to draw. Kids use the same colorful symbols to program the robot to draw a picture.

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