Are Coding Toys Good For Preschoolers?
Are Coding Toys Good For Preschoolers?


You might think of preschoolers playing with simpler toys than a coding robot or other coding toys. However, the right type of toy appeals to kids as young as three.

Plus, STEM toys at an early age sets the foundation for learning in a fun, engaging way. It’s a mixture of play and education that preschoolers simply see as pure enjoyment.

A Coding Robot Is For All Ages

Technically, a coding robot is for any age that’s interested. While you should always check the age details to ensure it’s safe for preschoolers, coding toys really are for all ages. For example, Matatalab’s toys are designed for kids ages three and up. They’re made to appeal to younger children and grow with them.

Preschoolers Build Confidence With Coding Toys

Coding can seem intimidating at any age. However, preschoolers are eager to try out new things and don’t have near as much fear when it comes to learning something new. Starting them with coding toys early helps them build confidence. When it comes to something more advanced, they’re already confident in their abilities, making it easy to pick up new coding concepts later.

Robotics For Kids Teaches Resilience

Things won’t always work correctly the first time when it comes to robotics for kids. That’s why a coding robot is perfect for preschoolers. They get to learn how to be more patient and resilient at a young age.

Instead of simply giving up, they learn the value of trying again and trying different methods until they get it right. This is a lesson they’ll take with them into every aspect of their lives. Plus, if they choose to go into a STEM field, resilience is definitely an asset.

STEM Toys Prove Computer Science Is Fun

Often, computer science is seen as dull, boring and too hard. However, STEM toys prove that computer science is actually fun. Getting a child interested when they’re young removes some of the stigma around STEM fields being too difficult to go into. They develop an interest early thanks to a fun coding robot. Then, as they progress into harder coding subjects, that growing interest makes the harder stuff fun too.

Matatalab’s Coding Toys For Preschoolers

Matatalab created Matatalab Lite which includes a coding robot perfect for ages 3-6. With three different modes, it’s easy for preschoolers to jump right in. Simply push buttons to teach the cute robot what to do. Create sequences for the robot to follow. Or create mazes for the robot to get through using more advanced coding skills that are still fun. Kids can even create their own obstacles for endless fun and learning.

Shop Matatalab for even more great coding toys for preschoolers.